A young multidisciplinary designing firm dedicated to creating spaces that are both soulful and timeless, taking a holistic approach that considers the needs and well-being of humans. Whether we are designing a commercial building, a residential space, or something in between, it's always the human experience top of mind. Our interior design services provide the perfect complement to the architectural work, bringing beauty and functionality to every space we design. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and desires, and then use expertise and creativity to bring vision to life.
Manoj Kumar Sharma
Principal Architect​
Custodian of an International award winning architectural thesis during his academics Manoj believes in learning from the masters and following their work. He feels that nature, light, water, sky, material and everything is in symphony and this symphony is which gives rise to architecture which can easily helps in upbringing of humans.
He is responsible for tying together the firm’s many disciplines into one cohesive approach. As managing director, he works across platforms and geographical borders to ensure that projects are developed and delivered at their full potential.
Abhishek Jain
Senior Architect​
Graduated from Indraprastha University, Delhi, Abhishek has worked on architecture and interiors of private homes, offices and hospitals. While developing any design, his focus is to create a space that not only offers functionality but also stimulates and soothes the senses of an occupant. He works towards creating a balance between the complex and the simple. Taking inspiration from heritage, he works with strong concepts, timeless aesthetics, and natural materials. In the team, his role is to develop designs, making construction details of design elements and project coordination on-site.
Aruj Saxena
Associate Architect​
Aruj, having learned the ways of architecture at Spaces Architects@ka seeks to create simplistic and soulful spaces that speak to the soul of the being. 
Inspired by the ideology of Peter Zumthor, he believes in using construction as a tool of expression for the inhabitants and architect rather than impression. His artistic pursuits complement his passion for crafting spaces step by step through the play of tangible materials and intangible elements of nature that resonate with emotions.
Nishtha Gupta
Trained at Spaces Architects@KA during her training , Nishtha’s philosophy is to create iconic, simple and lasting design within the fields of architecture and interiors, with an intense focus on the crafted detail. Through her work, she looks for spaces that move us beyond the ordinary, creating sensuous and generous architecture that builds on the narrative the context already tells.
Nishtha's keen inclination towards parametric architecture, she'll be pursuing her Masters in Architecture and Urbanism (DRL) from AA school of Architecture, London to expand her skill set where she will try to develop her own language to balance the complex and the simple, where honesty and sensitivity are illuminated through strong concepts, timeless aesthetics and computational derivations.
Rahul Oberoi
Intern Architect​
Rahul, an aspiring architect, is driven by his desire to learn and expand his knowledge in the field. With great admiration for architectural masters, he dedicates himself to sketching and understanding their work in order to imbibe their values. Rahul is laying a solid foundation under the guidance of a team in Architecture while also exploring new aspects of the industry.
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