Location : Hauz Khas , New Delhi
 Built Up Area : 4200 sqft - 390 sqmtrs 
Number of Floors : 02
Project Timeline : 05 months 
Client : Aura Hospitality
Photography Credits : Bharat Aggarwal 
Branding : Brand Catapult
The establishment encompasses two levels: an interior floor and a terrace floor. The objective was to design a space that would garner significant attention and introduce something novel. The color scheme was meticulously chosen, featuring the Peach Fuzz
hue, which was declared the Color of the Year. Drawing inspiration from the concept of Kintsugi, a Japanese philosophy emphasizing the beauty of imperfection, numerous design elements were incorporated, such as patterns on glass and the ceiling.

In the architectural design process, the foundational inspiration stemmed from the profound Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, which celebrates the inherent beauty of imperfections. This concept served as the catalyst for the creation of a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment. In order to achieve this, a skillful fusion of classical sculptural elements and artificial greenery was meticulously integrated into the spatial composition.
These carefully curated design features were strategically positioned to not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also to create captivating points of interest self-portraits or "selfies."
The upper floor's expansive terrace was thoughtfully designed and segmented into three distinct zones, each imbued with its unique character and purpose. At the heart of this spatial arrangement, an exclusive sitting area was conceived, providing a focal point that
effortlessly captures the attention of the visitors. This central zone is further enhanced by the incorporation of a canopy, which not only serves as a functional element but also contributes to the area's aesthetic allure.

In addition to the central sitting zone, a visually striking highlight wall was created at the front of the terrace. This architectural feature, which can be observed from various vantage
points across the space, serves as an inviting backdrop for users to capture and share their experiences through photographs. The incorporation of Kintsugi's principles is evident in the form of a backlit pattern, which adds an additional layer of visual interest
and resonates with the overall design philosophy.

Further enhancing the sensory experience, the terrace boasts textured walls adorned with patterned glass. These design elements, combined with the presence of greenery in the background, create a harmonious and visually captivating atmosphere that truly encapsulates the intended vibe for this unique space.

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