The house is located in a dense residential alley in the heart area of Delhi. Like many other typical row houses in Delhi, this house also faced the challenge of creating something different but feasible with a very limited budget. The whole house revolves around a big tree which is planted in the heart of the plot. The idea was to utilize natural light and make the house interactive in terms of connectivity. Newly developed houses are losing their connection with nature in the urban fabric. Especially during this pandemic, it's a need of the hour that we step towards a sustainable future and start incorporating greens in our buildings. In this small house of just 15 feet x 40 feet, providing green space within a high-density neighborhood is the concept. Greens are located on vertically stacking spaces; bounded by sliding glass doors. This strategy not only improves the microclimate by using natural ventilation and daylight in every space, but the alternately stacking openings also increase visibility and interaction between the house. .

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